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7 Reasons to Call a Roofer Right Away

Roofing work
Your home's roof is made to last for years, but sometimes it becomes damaged and needs attention. Below are seven signs that your home's roof needs immediate attention from a professional roofer.

1. When Your Roof Is Leaking
A roof leak is not a problem that you should ignore - even for a short while. The seeping water threatens the integrity of your roofing structure, walls, interior electrical system, flooring, and the water can lead to mold problems that are hard to contain. If you see water spots on the walls or ceiling, then your roof likely has a leak that needs to be remedied right away.

2. When Shingles Are Broken
Issues like the loss of asphalt shingles or cracked and missing tiles leave your roof vulnerable to moisture penetration. You may not notice a problem right away, but eventually, your roof will probably start sagging, leaking, and may have further damage - especially if you don't replace the missing or broken pieces.

3. When Flashing Is Pulled Up
Flashing is the metallic strips placed at the joints of the roof. Flashing allows moisture to run off and not infiltrate these open areas, so long as the metal is in place. If the barrier is pulled up at any point, then water can get underneath and into the roof joint.

You can do a visual inspection of the flashing integrity by stepping back and walking around the home. Check for torn, bent, or missing selections.

4. When Limbs Fall on the Roof
A tree falling on your home can create obvious damage. The damage usually spreads over a large section of the roof, and the tree limb or branch will usually still be on the roof or on the ground nearby.

Take all damage from a tree branch seriously because even smaller limbs that fall can carry enough weight to punch through the surface of your roof and leave gaping holes. Furthermore, tree limbs that are allowed to constantly rub against the roofing will cause more harm.

5. When the Roof Sags
A sagging roof is a critical sign that roof failure is coming soon. Old or damaged roofing materials have allowed moisture to soak into the wood, leading to weakness and rot. The longer a sagging roof goes without attention, the worse the damage will be to your interior structure, insulation, and other components.

6. When Shingles Fade
Faded shingles aren't necessarily a structural issue, but discoloration may indicate a bigger problem that does affect your roof's performance. Any faded shingles have absorbed a lot of the sun's rays. Sun exposure is what causes fading. The same rays can also make shingles brittle and ineffective at repelling water.

Thus, any faded shingles should be checked to make sure they're still in adequate shape.

7. When Storms Occur
Severe storms can bring excessive amounts of rain, sleet, hail, and wind that can each cause tremendous damage to roofing. These storms can rip off, shred, or dent shingles.

Sometimes the damage is clearly visible after bad storms, but you can't always see what havoc the elements have wreaked. Check everything from the ground, and use a camera to zoom in and take pictures for a better view.

If you can't inspect hidden sections from the ground, then have a professional look over your roof. They'll know how to safely access the portions that are hidden from view, and they'll know exactly what type of damage to check for.

If you notice any of these issues, then delaying the necessary repair work will only cause further harm to your home's roof. Instead of waiting for the problem to get worse, contact B & F Roofing & Siding Co immediately to find out whether you need a simple repair or a whole roof replacement.