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5 Signs You Should Get Roof Repairs

5 Signs You Should Get Roof Repairs
Some signs of roof damage are more subtle than others. But whether the roof damage is big and bold or not, any type of roof damage should have you dialing your favorite contractor's number. Check your roof periodically, and don't be embarrassed to call for help when one of these five signs is present.

1.  A Severe Storm Recently Happened

Anytime a storm passes your house, go out and take a look at your roof after the weather improves. If the storm was just a rainstorm, look for obvious signs of damage. If there don't seem to be any problems, you're probably fine.

If the storm was a hailstorm, or a storm bad enough to drop branches on your roof surface, your roof could have invisible damage. Hailstones can bruise the roof, damaging the underlayer, and branches can crack shingles and cause other damage visible only to an experienced eye. You should call for an after a severe storm even if things look okay to be sure your roof is in good condition.

2. Roof Shingles Are Damaged

Whether you've had a storm or not, damaged shingles are a herald of bad tidings. Sadly, a storm is not the only thing that can cause shingles to fall into disrepair. A few other possibilities include:

  • Damage from someone walking on the roof's surface
  • Damage from wild animals trying to claw their way into your attic
  • Damage from the sun's UV rays
  • Damage from stiff winds lifting the shingle edges up
  • Damage from hot/cold cycles (also called thermal shock)

Because of these reasons, you should check your roof even when you haven't experienced a storm. Keep an eye on your roof to stay in touch with its normal condition so that when something troublesome occurs, you'll notice it quickly.

3. Flashing or Fasteners Are Coming Loose

While fastener problems may be less obvious than missing shingles, especially if you're inspecting from ground level, missing or loose fasteners can present a real problem. Not only do they allow water through the hole they're supposed to be snugly filling, but lose fasteners also allows shingles to come loose.

Flashing problems are a big deal as well. A roof should have flashing around every roof penetration, and the flashing should fit smoothly and elegantly. Flashing leaks are one of the most common types of leaks, so keep an eye out for flashing problems such as bent, dented, missing, or loose flashing strips.

4. The Attic Has Water Damage

Water damage in the attic is a sure sign of problems. This damage can either be caused by a leak or by condensation, which in turn is caused by inadequate roof venting. In either case, you'll need a reputable roofing contractor to help you sort it out. Finding a leak can be a difficult task, and repairing the leak should always be left to the professionals.

5. The Gutters Are Backed Up

If a gutter becomes clogged and spills over, the water can damage the fascia and siding of your house. In some cases, clogged gutters can even allow water to leak into your attic or wick up into the edge of the roof, causing water damage to the underlayers of the roof. A good contractor can help identify and repair the damage caused by this problem and recommend a solution like gutter covers.

These five signs can clue you in to your roof's need for some maintenance and repairs. Whenever you need help with your roof, get in touch with B & F Roofing & Siding and discuss your individualized estimate. We'd love to help with all your roofing, siding, or window needs.