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4 Ways to Protect Your Shingle Roof From Damages Caused by Nature

Residential House With Shingle Roofing
Some of the biggest threats to your roof come from nature itself. These threats include the sun, leaves, tree branches, and rain. If you know what to watch out for, though, you can protect your roof from these natural threats.


Surprisingly, one of the things that can wear down your roof the most is the sun, especially if you live in an area that experiences scorching summers. The hot summer sun can cause the shingles on your roof to expand during the heat of the day and contract at night when it is cool outside, causing gaps and damage to your roof. This process is known as thermal shock.

Regular sun exposure also wears down your shingles. The ultraviolet rays from the sun degrade the protective coating on your shingles.

You can protect your shingles by planting trees near your home to provide your roof with shade throughout the day. Shade gives your shingles a break from all that sunlight and helps extend the life of your shingles.

You can also apply a cool roof coating to your shingles. Cool roof coatings are reflective coatings which can cut down on heat transfer from roofs to homes, decrease the impact of thermal shock, and reduce wear to your shingles.


Most leaves that land on your roof are quickly blown away by the wind. However, you need to be concerned about leaves that gather and form piles around the chimney, vents, and valleys of your roof.

When leaves pile up on your roof, they trap water and moisture in place. The trapped water and moisture can damage your shingles and rot your roof.

Leaves can also clog up your gutters. You need your gutters to function correctly in order to move water away from your roof and prevent the water from pooling up and damaging your roof.

Take care of leaves by keeping your gutters clean and getting up on your roof a few times a year to remove built-up debris.

Tree Branches

If your house is surrounded by trees, that’s not necessarily a problem. Your trees can provide your home with shade to keep your home cool in the summer and can help protect your home from strong winds. However, you don't want the trees around your house to get so close that the tree branches are hanging over or touching your roof.

When tree branches are close to your roof, they come in contact with your roof and the branches can scratch the surface of your shingles. Over time, this can scrape away the protective coating on your shingles at an accelerated rate. Branches can also loosen shingles and damage the underlayment of your roof as well.

Tree branches hanging too close to your home is an easy problem to address. Keep your trees well pruned so the branches don't extend over your roof.


Finally, water is the biggest threat to your roof. Water is really thrifty and capable of taking advantage of any potential opening or weakness in your roof and finding a way under your roof. Once water gets under your roof, it can be extremely damaging.

The best defense against water is to keep a close eye on your roof. If you notice damaged shingles, replace them right away. If you notice any flashing is bent or cracked, replace the flashing. Keep any vents, pipes, and skylights on your roof well sealed.

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