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3 Signs You May Need a New Roof

Home ownership can be an extremely exciting and rewarding accomplishment, but it also represents the dawn of a new era that will require you to constantly be on your toes and on the lookout for potential problems. Your equity in your home comes in part from how well it's maintained, so staying ahead of important tasks is absolutely vital.

Unfortunately, many people may miss the warning signs that precede a serious problem. When it comes to your roof, you might be tempted to patch holes and look for temporary solutions, but eventually you'll likely need to trust your instincts and spring for a full replacement.

Below, you'll find a guide to some signs that it might be time to pursue installing a new roof on your home. Keeping your eye out for these warnings can allow you to prevent a small problem from becoming a serious one and can help guarantee that your home remains stable and secure for many years to come.

Increasing Age

A large part of responsible home ownership is being able to recognize which components of your home are able to stand up over an extended period of time. In some cases, no matter how diligent you are about maintenance and upkeep, the unending march of the clock represents a sufficiently strong force to require you to seek out a significant repair.

If your roof hasn't been replaced in a number of decades, you might not be able to avoid the expenditure. Over time, the structural components which support the roof surface are likely to weaken and buckle, leaving you exposed to the risk of a sudden collapse. You're also likely not receiving the maximum energy efficiency benefits from an older roof, leaving you paying more monthly and possibly creating a situation whereby a new roof could end up paying for itself.

Biological Invaders

If you notice dark streaks or stains on your roof surface, it may not be the result of simple runoff from water or trees. In some environments, algae and mold might find the dark spaces between your shingles to be an attractive spot for growth, and that can leave you struggling to keep up with the effects of that infestation. Often times, these aren't restricted to unfortunate blemishes.

People in your home who may be asthmatic or might otherwise have a compromised respiratory system can find their breathing problems worsened by spores and mold. Algae might eat away at the wooden joists in your roof and cause structural weakness. It can be difficult to totally eradicate these issues as well, since the conditions which caused the problem are likely to persist. Often times, the only viable solution is a full replacement that clears the problem away and relies on new materials.

Attic Damage

Patchwork repairs on the surface of your roof may look sufficient from the outside, but when you look deeper, problems might start to emerge. The best way to check on the efficacy of your fixes is to explore the areas that are most likely to take the brunt of the damage.

If your attic shows signs of water damage or extended exposure to the outside environment, it's likely a sign that your fixes aren't working and a repair is in your future. Catching the damage early is important, and your attic can be an important bulwark that protects the rest of your home.

B & F Roofing & Siding Co has the skills and experience necessary to supply a new roof that will truly make you feel secure. Relying on a professional roofing replacement can help extend the life of your home and guarantee that you keep your home in the best shape possible.