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3 Reasons to Consider Vinyl Siding for Your Home

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If the time has come to replace the siding on your home, you need to decide what type of new siding you want to put on your home. Vinyl siding is easy to take care of, affordable to install, and is very strong and resilient.

1. Easy to Clean

One of the many reasons vinyl is such a popular siding choice is because it is easy to clean.

Over time, dirt and even mildew can build up on the outside of your home. Luckily, with vinyl siding, dirt and mildew are really easy to clean off.

All you need to clean the vinyl siding on your home is a garden hose with a sprayer attachment, a longhandled soft-bristle brush, a bucket, and some soap.

You don't even need a pressure washer to clean your vinyl siding. In fact, if you angle the pressure washer incorrectly while cleaning, you could actually force water behind the siding and damage the siding. Simple is best when cleaning your vinyl siding.

To clean the vinyl siding on your home, just spray it down and get it wet. Then, fill a bucket up with environmentally friendly soap. Use a long-handled, soft bristle brush to gently clean your siding.

Scrub the siding with the brush, starting at the top and working your way down. After you scrub the siding, rinse it off with a hose.

You only need to clean your vinyl siding when necessary. For most homeowners, this is a yearly task.

2. Affordable to Install

Next, vinyl is an affordable siding option. The material itself doesn't cost that much to purchase.

Vinyl siding is lightweight, which makes it easy to install. The labor costs and installation time for vinyl siding is less than other siding options.

If you are retrofitting your home, you can install vinyl siding right on top of whatever siding material you originally had on your home. You don't have to remove the old siding material. This can greatly reduce the cost of retrofitting your home with new siding.

Vinyl also lasts a long time, increasing its affordability. It is not a cheap material.

3. Strong and Resilient

Vinyl siding is a strong material that is designed to protect your home. Vinyl doesn't warp or swell like other siding materials. It maintains its shape and placement on your home.

Most vinyl sidings have a special coating on them to prevent damage from the sun. This special coating helps vinyl siding retain its color and strength, even after years of exposure to direct sunlight.

Additionally, with high-quality vinyl siding, the color of your vinyl siding is not just on the outside. The color permeates through all the layers of the siding, which means that the color will not fade or wash away over time.

Look for impact-resistant vinyl siding. This type of vinyl siding will not get dinged up when you bump into it with your gardening tools. Impact resistant siding will be able to sustain a high degree of force without becoming damaged.

Vinyl siding is great for areas with moderate climates that get the occasional strong windstorm. Vinyl siding can stand up to winds moving as fast as 110 mph.

If you live somewhere where winds over 110 mph are a common occurrence, you can upgrade to heavier gauge vinyl.  Heavy gauge vinyl is thicker and sturdier, and made to withstand faster wind speeds.

If you need to put new siding on your home, talk with the professional at B & F Roofing & Siding Co. We would be happy to help you figure out which siding material is best for you home, and provide you with quotes for the installation process.